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Country's First Vedic theme Park opens in Noida

Date - 8 July 2023
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The First Vedic theme park is now open in Noida. It is located in Sector 78, Noida. Now you need not go far from Noida or get stuck in long traffic to visit a park on Sunday mornings. The Vedic theme park is the answer, for the residents living around sector 74 to 79.

The name suggests how deeply rooted and different the concept of this public park is. It has 50,000 plants that are well-mentioned in the Vedic literature. When talking about entertainment, amusement, relaxing environment, and natural landscape - all can be found in this public park. Like, never before, the Vedic theme park has the perfect reflection of the spirit of our nation.

Know about the Park Construction

The place was used as a dumping ground by the authorities. But with soil compression techniques this Vedic Park was constructed as per Vandana Srivastava of the Noida Authority. Here, the trees were replanted after the soil was improvised to upgrade the condition of the plants.

Laser and Sound Show

A laser show of Vedic-themed will also take place for the fun and enjoyment of the public. And on the walls, Vedic scenes have been painted well to add more elements of Indian Vedic Culture.

Amphitheatre and Gym

A solar-lit amphitheater and outdoor gymnasium are also there in the park. As per the Officials, the park will be used by the residents living nearby the housing societies like in sectors 74 to 79. Other community residents can also visit this park.

Environment Aspect

More than 50,000 plants, including Banyan, Neem, Kalpavriksha, Coconut, and many other species that are mentioned in the Indian Vedic Literature - have been planted in the park.

Take Away

The Vedic Park features green passages starting from the Rig Veda, Atharva Veda, Yajur Veda, and Sama Veda. According to TOI's report the budget of the park was INR 27 Crores. You can visit the park at the nearest 101 metro station. It's 5 minutes away from the park. Visit any day from 8 am- 9 pm and enjoy the laser light show at 7: 45 pm as well.

In 7 zones the park is divided and it is named after the sages of the Vedic age like Bharadwaj, Kashyap, Gautam, Vasishtha, Atri, Vishvamitra, and Agastya. In the display, you can read about the Indian sages and the holy scriptures.

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