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What is the future of investment in Yamuna Expressway?

Date - 29-April-2024
What is the future of investment in Yamuna Expressway?

Yamuna Expressway is emerging as a promising real estate destination which urges investors to invest in this dynamic and futuristic landscape to get the maximum returns in the future. As investors are turning their heads to the lucrative investment opportunities in Yamuna Expressway, the region is all set to turn into a hotspot for real estate investments.

With numerous residential and commercial developments, Yamuna Expressway offers diverse investment opportunities for seasoned investors and first-time investors alike. Moreover, the ongoing infrastructure developments and smart city initiatives by YEIDA add to the city’s investment appeal.

A six-lane and 165-meter-long expressway that has been developed to significantly improve the connectivity between Delhi NCR and Agra significantly is all set to witness new developments planned by YEIDA. These developments will further enhance the future of investment in Yamuna Expressway.

yamuna expressway master plan 2031

The Developments near Yamuna Expressway Planned by YEIDA

The YEIDA is the development authority of the Yamuna Expressway and it is responsible for development in the nearby areas of the Yamuna Expressway. Here are some of the developments that YEIDA has initiated across the Yamuna Expressway –

1. Logistics Hubs:

Yamuna Expressway is a potential logistics hub as per YEIDA, therefore the authority has initiated the development of dedicated logistics parks and freight corridors in the nearby areas of the Yamuna Expressway. These logistics hubs will offer amazing warehousing and logistics facilities which eventually will reduce transportation costs while improving the efficiency of the supply chain.

2. Tourism Infrastructure:

Tourism infrastructure development in the surrounding area of Yamuna Expressway has also been initiated by YEIDA. With several potential tourism destinations along the expressway, the authority has developed numerous facilities including –

  • Service areas,
  • Rest stops, and
  • Tourist information centers.

Adding to that, the YEIDA development authority has also promoted the development of resorts and hotels in the corridor of the Yamuna Expressway, which is all set for the growth of tourism in the region.

3. Residential Projects:

The development authority of Yamuna Expressway (YEIDA) has also promoted the development of many residential projects in the corridor of Yamuna Expressway. Adding to that, the authority has also launched many housing schemes to cater to the needs of people with different income groups.

The projects in the nearby area such as ACE Terra in Sector 22D Yamuna Expressway are developed with modern amenities and facilities which has made it possible for people to live in the region with utmost comfort and also work in nearby employment hubs of Noida and Greater Noida.

4. Industrial Parks:

Several industrial parks including the Greater Noida Industrial Development Authority (GNIDA) and the Yamuna Expressway Industrial Development Zone (YEIDZ) have been developed along the Yamuna Expressway. With many companies setting up their manufacturing units in these parks, these industrial parks have created numerous job opportunities eventually contributing to the economic growth of the region.

5. Smart Cities:

The development of smart cities along the Yamuna Expressway has also been initiated by YEIDA. These smart cities will be equipped with advanced infrastructure (including efficient transportation networks, digital connectivity, and smart energy management systems). These smart cities are developed to promote sustainable development and to enhance the residents’ quality of life.

yamuna expressway master plan 2041

Other Developments: Noida Film City, Noida International Airport, and Buddha International Circuit

Some international standard developments are also taking place in the corridor which include the introduction of Noida Film City, Jewar International Airport, and Buddha International Circuit. However, all these developments will boost the development along the Yamuna Expressway significantly. Let’s find out more information about these developments along the Yamuna Expressway.

1. Noida Film City:

The proposed Noida Film City will be the second-largest film city in India as it will be constructed over 1000 Acres. However, the development of this film city will boost the entertainment industry in the region. It will also create several job opportunities for the actors, filmmakers, and other professionals who are associated with the industry.

Moreover, the Noida film city will also attract investments from several production houses and studios. This will again contribute to the economic growth of the region. The film city will also generate increased demand for some industries including food, transportation, and hospitality.

2. Jewar International Airport:

The proposed International Airport Noida named Jewar International Airport will change the game for the region. This international airport will directly connect people to several domestic and international destinations and this will eventually boost tourism and trade in the region.

However, not just that this upcoming international airport is also expected to generate several employment opportunities while attracting investments from several industries. This international airport will also provide a boost to the real estate sector because the demand for residential and commercial spaces is expected to increase significantly in the coming years.

3. Buddha International Circuit:

The Buddha International Circuit is a world-class Formula 1 racing track that is located along the Yamuna Expressway. The circuit has so far hosted several international racing events and due to this, the region has been put on the global map.

In addition to this, the circuit has also generated numerous employment opportunities while attracting investments from several industries such as sports, hospitality, and automobile. The Buddha International Circuit will also grow tourism in the region because several international tourists visit the international circuit during the racing events.

Final Thoughts – Why Investing in Yamuna Expressway Will Prove Beneficial for You?

Going by past statistics, the people who have invested near Yamuna Expressway have seen tremendous growth in their investments. With numerous infrastructural developments and International standard developments, the investment potential of this region is set to be all-time high.

That means Yamuna Expressway is a soothing place for your next investment. However, investing in real estate near Yamuna Expressway is a lucrative opportunity for people looking for long-term investment because long-term investments near Yamuna Expressway will provide investors with numerous benefits including capital appreciation over time, tax benefits, rental income, and the demand in the future.

But, it is always advised to choose your investments wisely with the help of the right portfolio management company like ours. Contact us if you need any further assistance regarding investments in Yamuna Expressway.

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