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Why New Delhi Railway Station is Shutting Down?

Date - 05-June-2024

For a few days now, news has been circulating on all the social media platforms claiming that the New Delhi Railway Station will be closed by the end of this year and will be closed for the next 4 years because of the redevelopment work. However, this news confused the common people about how things would proceed after that and how they would travel and catch their trains.

However, on Monday (May 27, 2024) the Press Information Bureau clarified on Twitter (Social Media channel X) that New Delhi Railway Station will not be shutting down by the end of this year for redevelopment purposes. PIB said that while the railway station is undergoing improvements, it will be open during the process.

Check the following screenshot of the clarification by PIB on Twitter regarding the shutting down of the New Delhi Railway Station.


Many reports also said that the trains would run from other stations in Delhi. However, the Ministry of Railway clarified on that too. They said that they would give the information beforehand in case they need to divert any trains.

The Ministry of Railway also added that it may be noted that when a railway station undergoes redevelopment, a few trains are diverted or regulated from some other stations as and when required but the other parts of the stations will be operating in the similar manner. It also added that the information on such diversions/regulations of trains will be notified well in advance.

Will Other Railway Stations also Undergo Redevelopment?

Well, the answer to this question is “Yes''. The Indian Government has announced a plan called the “Amrut Bharat Station Scheme''. And, under this scheme, the Indian Government is expected to redevelop a total of 1318 colonial-era railway stations in the country. The list of stations considered for redevelopment also includes some big Railway Stations including –

  • New Delhi Railway Station
  • Delhi Cantonment Railway Station
  • Anand Vihar Railway Station
  • Gurugram Railway Station
  • Faridabad Railway Station
  • In 2022, the Ministry of Railways also shared a photo of the proposed redevelopment of the NDLS (New Delhi Railway Station) on Social Media. However, this planned proposal includes the following things to be developed at New Delhi Railway Station –

  • A 40-story twin tower,
  • Multi-level parking, and
  • Pick-up and drop-off areas at the station.
  • However, the main purpose of this redevelopment scheme is to modernize the infrastructure of these stations with the revolution plan. However, this scheme will improve travel for millions of people. And, the best part is the clarification by the Government that states, the renovation plan won’t interfere with the normal operations of the New Delhi Railway Station.

    Conclusion –

    Since the redevelopment work is going on at many places, there were many speculations that New Delhi Railway Station will be Closed by the end of this year and will be closed for 4 Years. However, such news was incorrect because as of now, there are no such plans. The redevelopment of the New Delhi Railway Station is due but the railway officials have made it very clear that the redevelopment will happen in a manner that common people won’t face any hardship.

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